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Energy Independence

Energy Independence

By generating your own energy with solar panels, you can reduce your reliance on the grid and gain more control over your energy supply.


Solar panels are durable and require little maintenance, providing a reliable source of energy that can last for many years.
Cost Savings

Cost Savings

Solar energy offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional electricity sources, allowing you to significantly reduce your energy bills.
Ecological Benefits

Ecological Benefits

By using solar energy, you can reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable future for our planet.

Reasons to choose Soar Renewables

Soar is your best option for your solar needs with a passionate team dedicated to expanding clean energy and helping people and businesses reduce their energy costs for tomorrow and years to come. 

Soar renewables comprise an engineering team with over 2 decades of experience in electrical engineering capable of taking on any solar installation


Soar renewables are cable of completing the design stage, installation and approvals ….. Choosing Soar as your solar partner will give you the opportunity to work with a single point of contact with engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) coming through one company instead of several ensuring a successful long-term solar system along with after-sales guarantees.


Soar renewables have partnered with leading technology manufacturers to provide the latest technologies in the renewable space ranging from solar, micro-hydro and micro wind turbines.


Our Project Work Flow Process

Initial Site Visit & Consultation

Initial Site Visit & Consultation

The soar engineering team will inspect your property, and complete an engineering assessment and recommend the best solar power system for your property based on the available space and your requirements based on the architecture of the home as well as current and anticipated electricity consumption
Design and Approval

Design and Approval

Having chosen the most suitable solar system, soar will provide a comprehensive system drawing as well as technical specifications of the recommended system along with projected energy generation at no cost. We also ensure to guide you through all the paperwork necessary to be approved for CEB or LECO requirement standards.
Installation and Commissioning

Installation and Commissioning

The Soar engineering team will begin the installation process of the solar system on your roof including solar power optimizers and attaching panels. Our team of experts will then connect the optimizers to the inverter and to your circuit breaker box which generates electricity to your home or business premises.


Powering the Future: A Stellar Solar Panel Installation Project for Luminary Enterprises


Luminary Enterprises, a commercial company, wanted to install a solar panel system to reduce their carbon footprint and lower their utility costs. Our team was brought in to design and install a customized solar panel system that could generate enough electricity to power their operations.


To address these challenges, we conducted a detailed site assessment to determine the optimal size and layout of the solar panel system. We designed a customized mounting system that maximized the available roof space while minimizing any potential disruption to the company's operations.

The solar panel system was successfully installed and generated an average of 150 kWh per day, providing more than 80% of Luminary Enterprises' electricity needs. The system helped the company reduce their carbon footprint by 110 tons of CO2 emissions annually and save more than $60,000 in electricity costs each year.

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We believe Solar is the most affordable energy source on the planet. Using solar energy we can make a easier our life on this earth.
We are able to provide the advanced-quality installation and maintenance of wind farms and solar energy systems and also EV charging port.

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